The Hottest Wedding Trends Of 2017

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments recorded in human life and this is why a lot of work goes into it to make it as eventful as it is. The event is a culmination of ideas and old and new trend solely for the purpose of creating a lasting impression for the couples and the guests. The year 2017 has witnessed an ample lot of wedding action with different ideas and trends coming into play. This is a quick rundown of the hottest wedding trends of the year 2017

OFF THE SHOULDER WEDDING DRESSES: Unlike the traditional wedding dresses most brides wear, the year 2017 has seen a lot of off the shoulder wedding dresses. The off the shoulder dress is a fashion hit with today’s bride. This dress allows a glimpse of the bride’s shoulders and upper part of the back without revealing too much. It serves as the trendy alternative for the traditional cold feet, cold shoulder dresses.

VINTAGE GLAMOUR: One of the hottest wedding trends of 2017 is the mash-up of the old and new trend. This trend involves the mixing of the trends from as far back as the 70s with new ideas to create an exclusively modern style.

CAKES: Last year, the naked cake took centre stage; by the way, naked cakes refer to a cake with unfrosted sides. This year people tend to opt for cakes that are barely frosted such as a translucent cake. Translucent cakes are cakes with a thin veil of frosting and bit of cake showing are much in vogue in 2017. This type of cake is iced in buttercream and topped with fresh flowers or fruits that give hints of the cake flavour. The fruits used are such that are in season.

ANIMALS: The use of pets and beautiful four-legged creatures is one of the hottest wedding trends in 2017. This four-legged creature range from the young ones to the adult animals. Picture a dog standing in the corner of the room with the inscription “wedding vow in progress” or having a wedding in a barn full of farm animals. How adorable are these trends.

NATURAL: The usual trend of using a hall or having indoor receptions is beginning to fade off. People are opting for a more open space or the use of parks and gardens decorated with nature and some beautiful lighting do spice things up. Some even have their wedding venues located in the field or mountains. All the same, these wedding scenes are well designed by nature and this is why people love it. Increasing number of intending couples prefer to follow this hottest trend of 2017 now.

UNUSUAL COLORS: The Previous wedding has seen the restriction of colours to a particular set of colours such as the dark colours for the groom and the light colours for the bride. Modern weddings now utilize a range of unexpected light colours breaking the norms and giving rooms for new 2017 trends. Picture the groom and his men wearing a light blue suit and the bride and her girls wearing pink or peach dresses. How lovely.

FLOWERS: Flowers serve more than ornamental purposes, they are memory makers and they symbolize romance. The recent trend has seen the adoption of new flowers such as peonies for no reason.