How to Relax In-Between Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is demanding work. As the wedding gets closer, stress rises. You have countless details that need to be ironed out, not to mention the emotional weight that a wedding holds. Sure, you might have friends to help you, but you want your special day to be perfect and being stressed can lead to mistakes.
Taking a break is harder than it seems, knowing that the deadline is approaching, you may not be able to relax properly, and wind down. The stress can affect other aspects of your life, not just the upcoming wedding, so it’s crucial that you can take some time for yourself. In this article, we look at a few ways at how to relax in-between planning for your wedding, so you aren’t overwhelmed!


Though it may be hard at first, forcing yourself to meditate is a terrific way to clear your head and get some much-needed rest. Meditation also helps slow your heart rate, meaning that you will be physically calmer when it’s time to get back to the grind.


If planning for the big day makes you feel like you want to run away, or start pummeling your best friend, why not do it? Obviously, we don’t recommend you assault your friend, but going for a run and hitting the gym is a fantastic way to burn off stress. Also, physical activity produces endorphins, which offer a sense of euphoria, and helps stabilize your mood.

Take a Bath

Soaking in the tub is a great way to relax your body, as well as the mind. Light a scented candle, maybe even play some soothing music. Take the time to put some extra effort into refreshing yourself, by breaking out the pumice, and you’ll be a whole new person when you get out.

Call Your Parents

If in the picture, calling your parents is an excellent way to keep things in perspective. It keeps you connected, and feeling sane, but also helps you re-assure yourself that things are okay. Also, if they aren’t helping plan the wedding, talking to them about something unrelated is a clever way to distract yourself temporarily. They’ll love to hear from you, and you’ll feel better after!

Go on a Date

A contributor to wedding stress is the fear that your relationship will change after the big day. Of course, while planning the wedding much of your time is spent preparing to spend the rest of your life with your partner, not actually spending time with them. Set some time aside, and go on a date like the old days. In part, the time spent with your loved one will help relieve stress, but more so, it will help re-affirm that you made the right choice and that the pressure and effort you’re feeling while planning the wedding is worth it. Your fiancé is likely under quite a bit of stress too, so maybe taking a bit of time to smoke a joint or eat some cannabis-edible with them, will do you both a lot of good.

Start Journaling

The thoughts, ideas, and dreams you have leading up to the most important day in your life should never be forgotten. You could start a new journal, or consider using a ‘prompt’ journal, which is designed to help you grow, and analyse yourself. Either way, journaling is a wonderful way to relive stress, while keeping things in perspective. It also gives you something tangible to look at, when you are struggling, reminding yourself what you are capable of overcoming.